2024 scrolling in trays


Is any one having the same problem ? :
I find it reaaaaally painful scrolling in sketchup 2024 trays . I don’t know how it was in 2023 as I barely used it but in 2022 It was not acting like this.
in the materials, components, styles and scenes dialogs, if there’s nothing to scroll about, it’ll prevent the whole tray to scroll up or down
outliner and tag dialogs work just fine.

also in 2022 version, if those dialogs really had enough elements to give a reason to scroll, once on top or bottom of the list it was switching to the main scrolling. Not anymore

everytime i have to roll over the scrolling bar in order to scroll the tray, and it is very frustrating

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Absolutely, Compared to 2022 I’m finding 24 quite sluggish. Like you, I’m having problems scrolling.
Additionally, the font used within the trays has grown increasing the need to scroll.


I’ve noticed this as well. It is a pain.

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In Windows there is a registry setting to make the scroll bar wider. Would it help if there was such a setting in SketchUp?

not really, as foresaid, I would prefer not having to use the scroll bar at all. I feel like a 80 years old man discovering computing when I do. sizing things up wouldn’t sort things out : I’d feel I have sight problems too

I think that when you’re scrolling with a scroll wheel within pane (B), that is within pane (A), and you come to the end of that pane (B), the scrolling should continue in Pane (A). Hope that makes sense. I’m not a fan of having to manually grab the scroll bar.

Yes they are clunky and not swift at all.

Totally agree

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I’ve never used and hated when I tried collapsing/opening tab panels so I have a reasonable amount of scrolling to do to traverse between the top and bottom of the panels, my default arrangement is:
I like to see about 30 Tags, 20 Scenes, 30 materials, 20 comps. I don’t use thumbnails for any of them, preferring the list view(s)

I skipped SU23 so I can only compare to 22. 24’s tab panels are ‘clunky’. I know that the underlying toolkit used to make the interface is new but I may revert to 22 until it’s fixed.

The side panels have always been a bit jank since they were released. The main scrollbar on the right has nearly zero contrast between the actual bar and then scrollable area as well as being way to narrow. The scroll bar on my monitor (1440p, even with larger windows UI scaling) is barely about the width of my mouse cursor, which is very small.

My habit is to generally hover over the side panels and manically scroll the mouse wheel but the logic of how it “grabs” the panels and actually scrolls is problematic since it’ll start scrolling any panel that has lists inside- like styles, components, etc. Seems to only want to grab the panel header/names in order to initiate a mouse scroll.

Would much prefer scrolling side panels to be fully scrollable as a whole and then click to enter in panel fields. Or at least make the scroll bar larger/adjustable and better colored/contrast.

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