Scrolling in Trays still broken in 2020 Pro

The ability to scroll in the tray/inspectors seem broken. I recently installed fredo spline and there is a good bit of help added to the instructor. When you expand sections the tray mechanism doesn’t allow scrolling of content as you would expect. The same is true for the other inspectors, and other content within the trays.

Trimble seems to be putting a lot of effort into training videos, etc. There are other posts about this defect going back to 2016. How about fixing this???. The ability to use the inspectors and instructor is key to using sketchup.

This is what I see in SU2020 scrolling in the Instructor panel. Do you see something different?

here I have expanded multiple sections. Cant scroll further down., content is cut short. Attached is still snip of my “instructor tray” On Windows 10.
(don’t have video snipping/capture tool, recommendations?)

wont work like that for me. I tried using windows capture, it records the sketchup main window but not the tray/instructor window. I’m going to shut everything down and try a reboot.

have restarted. Initially it was not working correctly, but I realized there is something going on with the inner and outer scroll bars. There was an inner one this time as well. When I used it, full scroll was available over the instructor contents. It then became a single (no inner and outer - as in your clip) and allows continues to allow full scrolling.

So there seems to be a possibility of some user error/lack of understanding here. But I’m still maintaining that this functionality is less than fully baked. Something is not right. For instance why can’t you have the instructor in multiple trays? It is removed from one, when added to another. Why do the scroll bar seem inconsistently present? Why wont windows capture grab these (sub?) windows?

Have you undocked the tray? Try double clicking on the tray’s title bar.

Docked tray with double click. Seems to work better. At least full scroll. But still not what I’d call right. Seems there is something with mouse cursor focus and when the scroll wheel is enabled to scroll the content. Focus seems to only be on outer tray container, and I don’t always have that. So scroll with the mouse wheel does not work consistently within the tray system. Confuses user. when I’m hovering expanded instruction content, seems I should be able to scroll it. When there is an outer container (after undock and resize) then the scroll is on the outer container. But that doesn’t scroll the content.

I too noticed random issues with the scrolling of the instructor tray (Windows10). Sometimes the inner scrolling blocks, sometime not. Unfortunately, the Ruby API has not control over the tray and its palettes.

That’s why the best is to expand / shrink one section at a time.

In Windows there is an option to hide scrollbars. SketchUp trays don’t seem to honor that setting, but perhaps a web view inside the instructor does.

Go into Ease of Access settings, Display, and see what you have the hide scroll bars set to.