Modifying title block

I am having trouble modifying a title block in layout, In particular changing the color i can select the colored box but after that there doesnt seem to be a way to change the color.

There are two ways to set the background color of these boxes. I believe there’s a way to do it through the font panel, but the simplest way is to use the “Shape Style” inspector in LayOut. Click on the text box, then in the Shape Style inspector click on “Fill” and then click on the color swatch to choose the background color you want.

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The problem could be that the Title block is a png with a transparent background. The Windows clipboard can’t handle the alpha channel (transparency) info, so if at any point in your workflow the image resided on the clipboard, the background turns black. To avoid this and keep the transparent background, save the png as a file and open it with a File Open dialog. Do not cut and paste using the clipboard.\


Thanks guys.

Shape style was the only one i didn’t have on the screen ! It seems a little cumbersome how when changing the color it goes to the separate color selector but got the job done thanks for your help.