How to change backgroud of copied text (not the box filling)


I’ve had some trouble when I try to copy texts from websites into layout, that the background color seem to be stuck behind the text. How can I take away the background color?


hello, click on the text object and click fill


Doesn’t work. As you can see, as I wrote in the title, it’s not the box filling…

can you share a layout file as example ?

Of course, thanks!

Help please.layout (14.8 KB)

it works fine here. It might be caused by a graphical problem. Have you tried updating your graphic card drivers ?

What! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So weird… No, that’s way beyond my knowledge hehe.

click on the apple menu and pick software update, and see if an update is available for your video adapter

I haven’t found the solution but this may be a mac thing. If I move your text box away from the blue area I can see that there is a background colour to the text. This is something you can control in website design but I don’t know if you can after import in Layout.

You should be able to select the text box and change the Fill color in Shape Style. At least it works that way on the PC. I don’t see any fill in the text box when I drag it away from the large blue rectangle, though.

Changing the fill colour just changes the colour of anything that is not behind the text itself. The text colour background appears to be a function of the text itself. I tried changing it in a word processor but that didn’t work either. Looks like it is less a Layout problem than a problem with the text before import.

Interesting. Not a problem on the PC.

Perhaps copying the text into a text editor and saving it as a .txt file before inserting into LO?

Yes, if I use TextEdit on Mac, I can get rid of the background colour.

Once done, you can select it and move it back into LO. here I have deliberately coloured the last word to show what you can do that way.