Making templates


Well I have spent hours just trying to make a basic template that would have a title block, logo etc. I made one that I liked but I had it spelled wrong. I couldn’t find how to edit, rename or delete versions I didn’t like. So I found the path and went into the program files and deleted the versions I didn’t want. But as luck would have it, the version I liked that I had spent hours on, didn’t save and vanished.

So I have to start over.

Questions - how can I put an auto date in a box on the template?
How can I highlight text to change the text size / font? I did it once, but can’t seem to make it happen again.
I tried to select the section but it won’t turn blue to allow eediting.
How can I make the white background around my jpeg logo disappear - I did it with since I don’t have photoshop, but I read somewhere jpegs won’t save it that way, so I ended up cropping the jpeg really closely so it wouldn’t over lay the title box template.

And most basically - why does it take so ■■■■ long to learn what seems like a simple program?


How to make a title block template?

You should use an image format with alpha (transparency) information stored, e.g. PNG.


That is, use an image editor (e.g., PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro) to remove the background (should be some kind of background eraser tool), then save the image in png format, specifying that transparent areas should be preserved.