Layout title block fail

I’m new to layout, and everything is going OK with my first project transfer from sketchup, but I have somehow deleted or hidden my original title block (default template from new file setup). Not sure how it occurred or how to get it back, but a symptom that is annoying is that the new text boxes and lines that I am trying to add to the model images are not displaying as they used to - they are ‘red’ now instead of the old ‘blue’ color these curser / field icons were showing up as when I first started using layout. Anyone know what’s gone wrong and how to fix it?

The maroon color when selected indicates that you’ve made a shared layer the active layer and the entities you are adding will show on all layers.

There’s nothing wrong with LayOut. If you don’t want the entities to show with a maroon selection color, put them on an unshared layer.

If they were actually showing as red, that would indicate the entities are locked.

The fix is to spend some time learning how all this stuff works. You could start here and then here.

Thanks for that Dave,

I’m pushing ahead of my abilities to try and get a document to an architect before Easter. I am finding the layer concept different to how it made sense to me in sketchup, but I’ll go over those notes links you sent and hopefully I’ll get it all fixed up later

Appreciate the quick response,