Layout; All contents disappeared


Been working in a project with 9 pages on Layout, I added a title page and now for some reason I have lost all the data in every page apart from the title page, I didn’t have anything selected. Can any one help me problem solve?

The only thing I can think I potentially did was click on the pages button on the Layers tab, but this shouldn’t of deleted everything

Please help :slight_smile:

How do you have layers set up? Do you have the layer visibility turned off?

What do you see in the References list?

Can you share the LayOut file so we can see?

Visibility is on on the layers, I only have 2 main layers (Template and Default)

Unfortunately I cant share the file due to quite a strict NDA

Have you saved the file since it happened? If not, you should be able to re-open the original and start over. Or maybe you have a backup file? Easy enough to add a new title page once you are sure everything is back in place.

Annoyingly I’m quite a heavy saver and only realised after I had saved. I think Im just going to start from scratch again.

It might be recoverable but without being able to see it, I can’t tell for certain. I suppose you’ve already started it again so at this point it won’t matter. Good luck.

Perhaps the Title page had something obscuring the following pages. (on a layer that shows on every page?)
Have you tried deleting just the title page?

Good point, Charlie. That’s one of the things I was curious about.A large filled rectangle drawn on a shared layer at or near the top of the list could make it look like everything else has disappeared. Selecting the rectangle and turning off Fill may be all that is needed to rectify the problem.

I was hoping to examine the layers stack to see if that was the right avenue to go down.

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