Layout Pages and Layers disappear after saving and closing / reopening document

Hello all, first time poster here…

I’ve used sketchup for several years, and have been using layout to produce plans for architectural models in SketchUp. I’m admittedly less savvy with Layout, but getting better. I’ve been working on a fairly detailed SketchUp model for a while that I sent to layout a few weeks ago to produce building plans with. I completed a basic plan-set in layout with several pages and several layers, exported the layout document to a PDF and had it printed at a local printer. All is well so far… Had to make a modification to the layout document a few days later and did that, no problems. Saved the document again (I save often as I’ve been burned in the past with a document crashing and loosing lots of work). Thinking I could put the project away for a while, I saved both the Sketchup and Layout documents one final time and closed both programs. Fast forward two days to this morning, and I open up the Layout document only to find out that it has reverted back to a very early version with no pages other than the default cover and inside page, and only a few of the layers that I had initially set up. The pages that remain contain a couple of viewports with some preliminary dimensions, but all the other info I had added such as window schedules and other annotations and linework is gone. I’ve tried opening older versions, opened previously saved versions from my backup hard drive, and even opened up previously saved versions from Dropbox. They all are the same, seems I may have lost many many hours of work. I’ve searched all of the forums and found similar, although not exactly the same complaints that seem to relate to a bug of some sort that has to do with temp files being deleted by my computer or something to this effect… Any help is greatly appreciated!

Follow up - I think I found it. I must have inadvertently saved the Layout document as a template.

Does that mean your “template” has all the pages and layers and stuff you were expecting and your other file was the older version? If so, good save. Well, good that you sorted it.

Yes, it appears to. I’m not that well versed with Templates yet, so didn’t think to look there first. I opened the template and re-saved it with a new file name in the same folder as the original, and upon opening and reviewing it it looks as if all my work is there. Sorry for the long first post!

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No need to apologize. Good learning experience. And maybe now you have an idea that you can easily make your own custom templates with pages and layers and text settings and all kinds of other cool stuff.

Yes - good leaning experience for sure. I’ve been aware of being able to make custom templates for some time but had not taken the time to learn the process. More stuff to learn!

Thanks Dave, I have seen many of your contributions to a variety of topics here in the forums and am greatly appreciative of your knowledge and willingness to be helpful.

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