Modify rectangular png file into a circle



I have a long png file, think of it as a ribbon.
I want to be able to form a circle with that ribbon and export it for further applications.
Being a novice, words of one syllable appreciated if you have a solution for me.


It would be easier if you could share the png so we can see just what you have to work with.

(Sorry. I tried to keep it to single syllable words. ) :smiley:

Most likely the answer will be to import the image as a material/texture and apply it to a cylinder.


I think you meant ‘share’!
‘Shape’ is what I need to do!

I hope you can see the gist of it
This image is a logo deconstructed and then reconstructed into ‘fabric’

Thank you for your assistance


So you want this pattern on the outside of a short cylinder, right?


Think of it more as a watch bezel
There will be stretching issues on the outside and creasing on the inside
So, I need to be able to modify the ‘ribbon’ width to make it look good
Hope that makes sense


OK. I understand. To apply the texture that way, you would need to make a ring shape in Photoshop or something. SketchUp isn’t designed to bend images like that.


It may help you by showing my start point


Ok, thank you very much for your help
It is very much appreciated
Without photoshop, do you know how I could create such an effect?


I suppose with that basic image unit, you could use it it to paint small face arranged in a ring.


What I was thinking - thanks again


I’m sure this isn’t exactly right but it shows the idea. You can see the single element inside the circle. I made it a component so I could tweak the texture after getting it copied around the ring. Save a ton of work for edits.


So sorry, I had to run out and rather assumed that my advice was complete
I cannot tell you how impressed I am
Much appreciated


No problem at all.



So, the methodology you used is to use the red axis. effectively the radius of the inner and outer circles to distribute the component at equal intermittent points - so, say 36 components, one every 10 degrees.
Is that right?


Yes, that’s right. And because I was lazy, I started by drawing a 36-sided circle centered on the origin and then I used Offset to make an inner circle. I drew lines between corresponding vertices to separate a single sector and erased the rest of the two circles. After painting importing the image and apply it as a material on the face, I made the trapezoid a component and copied it with the radial array function of the Rotate tool. I hid the edges between sectors so the ring looks like one piece.


Thanks again!
I run some social media stuff on a fairly new platform - steemit - this is their logo which I have reworked
If you would be interested as a software supplier to get involved in judging competitions, let me know.
Might be a bit of fun for the brand and the team!


Thanks. I’m not a software supplier, though. I’m just a satisfied user of SketchUp.