Would like to dupicate 33 similair Circles with same properties



I am a newbie and need assistance.
Situation: I converted construction drawing, from pdf to jpg and imported as image into SketchUp Pro 2017
Request: How can I select all; update all to 8” radius, length 40’6” and define them as Circles?
See attachment for more details and thank you!
SketchUpPro2017_How to dupicate 33 circles with same properties.pdf (742.5 KB)


You cannot select circles directly from your imported jpg image. You will need to draw a new circle over your image that is an entity in sketchup. You can specify the number of sides in a circle when you make it or anytime later thru the entity info window as long as the circle has not been exploded or disturbed by other geometry. I think you could benefit from exploring the use of components in sketchup. If you make one piling a component and then distribute copies of that component then editing one of them will edit all of them simultaneously. Explore making a component unique via right click to create a second set of longer pilings. You can distribute copies of components with the move tool and the option key.


Here’s a quick demo of what @endlessfix is describing.




Thank you Box,
If I may ask - what tool do you use to create this nice tutorial?
This would aid me with my How-to-do-it or later the ability to insert into a PowerPoint slide for future presentations.


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