Increase side of circle

Hi, I created many circles in my project with 24 sides. Now I want to increase that to 50 sides and I cant find a place where I can change the number of sides to all my circles… as I see I will need to recrete all the circles and extrude them all again?

If the circle is still flat, not intersected by another line or exploded, you can select it and change the number of sides in the Entity Info window.

If you have already extruded it, there is no way to change the circle geometry. Quickest to redraw with a higher number of sides and re-extrude.

Good to know, thank you so much

Are you referring to the model you posted in your other thread?

First, once you’ve extruded a circle, you can’t edit the number of sides. But all is not lost.

First, get the Select tool and double click on the face to select it and all the bounding edges. Then use Move/Copy to copy the selection over to one side.

Now you can select the circles individually and edit the number of sides in Entity Info. You’ll have to manually recreate non-circles such as the keyhole slot, though.

Then use Push/Pull to push the plate to thickness.

Why do you want to use 50 sides? Generally the advice is to use a number that is divisible by 4. I like to use a multiple of 12 because it is evenly divisible by 2, 3 and 4.

your advice was great! I did it, was perfectly as you said! Thank you so much! I am trying to increase the number of sides cause I really need to export the 2D top view to a vector format. I tried exporting to PDF but for some reason sketchup is making all the circles not circles, it is making the circles with lines and my friend that has a laser cutter cant use the model to cut cause he needs the circle to be a circle, not lines. Do you know any way I can export the top view of this project to a vector format that makes the circle be a circle?

Set up a 2D view (Top view) and export a 3D DWG file. It will export circles as circles instead of polygons.

no, it didnt work. For some reason two of the holes came out ok but the others came out with multiple lines :frowning: when I open them on corel

See whether you can select them as entire circles in SketchUp or can only select single edge segments. If the latter, it means that along the way some operation you performed made SketchUp decide that the original circle can no longer be assured to be whole or perhaps planar, so SketchUp dropped the metadata that gave the original center and radius. After this happens, no export can capture the circle as such unless you redraw it.

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the circles are still circles, they were not destroyed in small edge segments. Even though the problem persists.

Could you attach the skp so we can check what’s happening.

yes plz attach the file to know whats wrong to the circles