Models by Royce

I appreciate that video. :sweat_smile: . It will keep me from sweating.

Blade_Chisel Holder #1.skp (128.2 KB)

This is a blade and chisel holder designed to clamp both from the top down and from the sides. It has no rollers so it would be used with a ramp (not modeled) and a grinding wheel. The through holes would be tapped 12 turns per inch or 25mm for the threaded rods.


Bench Top Bench Top #1.skp (126.3 KB)

I have to repair the top of my Bench Top Bench, because it keeps coming apart at the center glue line. So, I modeled it with the planks turned 90 degrees from the vise chops; used threaded rod, hexnuts, washers; and plugged the holes. I will have to use new material and
I will use a harder wood (red maple instead of sycamore).

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What thread was that. Can you get a frosted look without going to a renderer?

I used a transparent texture when I was tracing over a picture of a Cardinal, never undid the texture when I was done with the bird, and forgot about it. Later when I made the model with the frame and panel, I copy pasted the bird into a frame and panel. That’s where the haziness showed up. Once I got rid of the texture, it went away. This is the post that I was referring to about haziness: Images are hazy


Houndstooth Dovetails #1.skp (49.1 KB)

I decided to practice houndstooth dovetail modeling. The one to seven angle turns out to be 8.1 degrees. Reference is Fine Woodworking, October 2022, Issue # 298, Frank Strazza.

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I thought I’d model a pill dispenser to get organized.
[3-Week Pill Dispenser #2.skp|attachment](

upload://7bHKBD8o24QU6XLAt7xCCP7C4a0.skp) (141.7 KB)
I had to add an inner core and another scene. The outer bottom/top has to be glued to the inner core. They can then be turned to each section for the next day’s pills.
3-Week Pill Dispenser #2.skp (141.7 KB)

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Handplane #1 Moving Filister.skp (353.0 KB)

Here is a re-make of a Moving Fillister Handplane. Sketch-up Go was a little funny today. The
comments in the scenes would be obscured as a dark rectangle until I hit save, then you could read them.


Folding Table #1.skp (371.9 KB)

This folding table came from a “Handyman Wire” plan that my wife printed off. Looks like it could be useful for outside or in the shop. If outside, it should be made with stainless steel and brass hardware and a rot resistant wood like red cedar. SketchUp Go was still acting up.
Only 4 scenes show on the expandable menu. There are more scenes if you open the skp and click on the scene slide show (arrow button). @colin may want to look at it, since it did not give me a bug splat to report.
Folding Table #2.skp (406.4 KB)
Today, when I opened this file a second time, the scenes came up that weren’t visible before.
I edited them and gave them names and there are in the skp (#2). I did not attach screen shots.

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Test Weave #1.skp (152.5 KBE
When I made a model of an upholstered (Slip Seat) chair, I made the burlap weave the l-o-o-o-ng way. So here, I tested making it more efficiently using the follow me tool. Even though Sketch Up Go only showed two of my scenes in the scene panel menu on the right side of the screen, there are five scenes in the model. I could not edit the last three scenes, because they do not show in the scene panel, expandable menu. The scenes show up when I play the slide show, and I have to freeze the slide show by clicking on the “||” licon to make the screen shots shown.
Test Weave #2.skp (186.3 KB)
The above updated skp has the scenes I couldn’t see before. I edit/named them.

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Panel Clamping Fixture #1.skp (151.3 KB)

Although this is my own design, I got some ideas from an article in Fine Wood Working Magazine by Alan McIvor, A Smart Edge-Gluing Jig (Issue #300, Winter 2022/2023).
Edit: Scenes Menu is still acting up in SU Go. I was unable to edit one scene. I suspect
when I open the model later, it will show that scene in the scene menu panel, and then I can name it.
Panel Clamping Fixture (#2).skp (167.4 KB)
The skp above has the change naming the missing scene.

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Box for Panel Clamping Fixture #1.skp (146.5 KB)

The scenes panel does not show all three scenes. To get to the third on I had to turn on the slide show and freeze it on the third scene. Later, I’m sure it will appear and I will name the scene, “Dims.”
Box for Panel Clamping Fixture #2.skp (179.1 KB)
The other scene showed up and I named it.


Chop Repair #1.skp (125.2 KB)

I have to make some repairs to my Bench Vise. The parts I need to make are the steel plate and the Yoke. Right now a pair of Vise Grips serves as the yoke. It scratches deeper into the chop at every turn - not good. The yoke that came with the vise was no good.
Edit: I haven’t been modeling lately due to caregiving obligations for my bride.


Dado Plane with Knicker #1.skp (203.0 KB)

Here’s a Dado handplane (3/4"). I will edit/update the skp once I can get to and name the scenes. It takes a day or so before the file allows it. I don’t know why, but I can get to the scenes to make screenshots only by freezing the slideshow (the day I finish the scenes). So, I have to name the scenes later.
Dado Plane with Knicker #2.skp (226.5 KB)
This skp has names for all the scenes.


Ukelele #1.skp (1.5 MB)

I’m not a Luthier, but I modeled a Ukelele anyway. :sunglasses: