Models by Royce

This is almost ready for a prototype build!

In my opinion it could use a Micro Turbo Encabulator like they use on the Starship Enterprise. And possibly some glide wings for jumping.

It looks like you already used a transparent material for the wind reduction unit?


Slap a Flux Capacitor in it and call it good.


Chair A #3.skp (1.2 MB)

Okay, I’m done improvising… for now. :wink:


This is next level! All the best design elements brought together harmoniously.


Japanese Joinery #1.skp (66.4 KB)

I’m modeling based on an article in Fine Woodworking (issue # 292, Dec. 2021) by Emi Shinmura. The difference is that I’m using dimensions that you find here in the USA, so they
are not exact copies of her article. There are more joints and scenes that I’ll post in an edit as I complete them.
Japanese Joinery #4.skp (212.2 KB)

These Screen shots show foundation and post and beam joints that the author said are normally made out of Cypress wood (for rot resistance) in a hot, humid, and earthquake prone environment. Not all of the Japanese names are spelled out for brevity.

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Chest of Drawers #2.skp (498.7 KB)

I started out modeling wood drawer guides and ended up with a Chest of Drawers, oh well.

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Side Table #2.skp (308.3 KB)

This side table was based on an article in Fine Woodworking by Christopher Gochnour (April 2022, Issue #295). There are sure a lot of angles.

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Kumiko Tools, Fixtures, and Jigs #2.skp (236.7 KB)
These were based on articles in Fine Woodworking (April 2022; issue # 295) by
Craig Vandall Stevens.


Andon Lamp #1.skp (260.5 KB)

This is based on the same articles as the last post. I had to make the display precision to 1/32" for the kumiko pieces and frame.


Straw Marquetry Table #1.skp (364.0 KB)

The straw veneer in this model is based on the Fine Woodworking article by Gerard Williams.
April 2022 (Issue # 295). He describes the French technique in the article.

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Saw Guides #1.skp (132.5 KB)

These are DIY saw guides for 90 degree (finger joint) and dovetail sawing. The advantage of two halves is that they can be clamped in place as shown in the screenshots. They are better made by a tablesaw for precision. These were modeled based on Fine Woodworking input by Christian Becksvoort (issue # 308).


Circular Shop Cabinet #1.skp (691.1 KB)

I intended to model a small cabinet for all the different shop hardware. It has 48 small drawers. As it turned out, it make a table top of sorts.

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Saw Holder #1.skp (82.4 KB)

A saw holder for holding saws inside a chest or shelf. Instead of just sawing a kerf, it has
a little dovetail work. In case you didn’t guess, I like dovetails.