Modelling related issue

I want to create inclined pattern at the side of each stip.
Since its curve and irregular form im not able to do that in the fins.
I have attached an image were i have selected a face i want like that face on the side of each fin which i have shown above selection in that model.The above curved fin has 2m Height on both ends,but i want 2m at one end and tappering at a sharp point at the other end.I have attached the model.And the strips which i have made is nit smooth and has broken lines.
Can anyone help me with it

Roof Detail.skp (5.9 MB)

I think your best bet here might be to build that profile into the shape that you intersected in the first place. How did you build the curved shape that you started with, which extension? Could you build a bottom face with the spine arc flattened by 2M?

If you were to turn that into a wedge shape with thickness along the spine before intersecting with the x,y plane cutting shape, the result would be what you are looking for. If you are intersecting 3D shapes then you would really benefit from using solid tools. I did this quick demo using Eneroth solid tools.

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I used the extension named Curviloft
So now i should make the curve profile using eneroth solid tools??

But my curve is not a direct one…It is a hyperbolic parabolid structure
Im not able to figure out where my mistake stands

Can you give an idea of what type of ROOF your making. Length, Wide , Height what your thinking of building it out of. Maybe not a ROOF at all. I was just reading the name.

Im basically desiging a terminal roof getting inspired from one of a leaf pattern and a unique form in design inspired from hyperbolic paraboloid

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I want to draw an inclined line on a hyperbolic paraboloid or an irregular curve surface.I saw a tutorial wherein it was asked to use Tools on Surface plugin,but i was not able to achieve the profile.Can you help me out

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I ll just give a try
and tell you if i have got the output or not
Thanks alot

May i know how did u draw on that plane??
What tool was used?

Im not able to draw that line on the side of the plan

An Arc, but you could also draw with Line or Spline.

Its not coming
Can i load the skp
can u do for one and show??

The Arc must be drawn in the same plane as the vertical surface and will divide it in two parts.

Yes i did try with it as arc on face
But its not happening

Can you help me in a better way??

If you drew that vertical surface correctly, and you were careful that the Arc was in the same plane, then it should come out ok.

I have tried alot…Its not happening

Use the version that the endlessfix showed you, it’s simple and it will generate all that beams at once.