Modelling related issue

Im not able to get ur point

How was this profile made??
I used curviloft

That surface can be made with several plugins, I chose Soap Skin Bubble. And I used Arcs with fewer segments.

And the same for the surface under

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I tried this option
I created the roof profile as you explained in your demo and when i use the eneroth plugin, the roof profile is not getting selected as a solid component.May i know the reason??
Like how the strips show the selection of the group, the roof does not show may i know why??

I have tried for nearly 3 days im stuck up
Can i send u the file,can u please check and help me out?

Im badly in need of help…Can anyone help me out with the intersection of faces,im really not able to figure it out,im ready to send the file

You’re getting really close! Check out the extension Solid Inspector to help troubleshoot solids. And post your current version and we will see what the hang up is.

yes i ll share the model right away

OK, I’ll look in a minute, still need coffee on my side of the world. :wink::coffee:

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Yes sure, I did check with solid inspector.i Know the mistake, but i dont know how to make it fine.Tired as hell solving

Im exactly looking for the one which i have shared a picture.Here is the file.Can you please help me.Its a serious struggleTerminal Roof.skp (12.1 MB)

Your shape is curved on the bottom and flat on the top. Is that what you wanted? It should be curved on top and bottom sides right. You made the original face with curviloft, do you remember the settings or method you used? Could you make it again?

Can we have a better means of communication for which i can explain you better??If you are okay with it

I have kept the roof basic profile next to that detailed block work.So the basic roof profile was done using curviloft

This is how i did my roof using curviloft

That’s great information. I’m at the desk now. Let me see if i can recreate your surface method here. The next step will be to repeat this method with the same outer arcs and a flattened center arc.

OK, now we are getting somewhere. I was able to recreate your roof process, thanks for posting. I then copy and pasted in place a second center arc, and compressed it on center by 2m. Then I re did the exact same curviloft process using the same outer arcs and the new flatter center arc. This creates a new bottom surface. I did some copy-paste, some selecting and exploding to get 1/2 the upper and lower surfaces into the same context as raw geometry, then I healed the vertical face by drawing a line, erased that line, and made a group. Solid inspector says all shiny, ready for the next step using solid tools with your cutting shape. I know it’s been a long road, I’ll include the file here for reference to help out (you still on 14, correct?). But I’m sure you can do this yourself, you are very close.

Half Leaf Roof (14).skp (1.3 MB)

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let me check the file and get back

Thanks alot for your help.Was bit complicated,but you helped me to the best.Feels glad about it.Got to learn new tricks from you.Will learn alot from you in the upcomings days and improve my skills from your teaching

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