Modeling the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Let’s hang out Wednesday as @TysonK models the Sydney Harbour Bridge!


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You can find a lot of interesting data here:

Beside the equations of the arches, if you scroll down, you will find many useful dimensions and a lot of photos.

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I managed to correct the spelling in your title but can’t edit it in your post.
Let me know if you need a specific measurement and I’ll throw a tape on it.

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Seems I have that edit power. I’m sure Aaron thinks it was designed by someone named Sidney.


Maybe you could check the summit of the steel structure for us.
It is stated that the top is 134m above mean sea level.
The equations provided by @jean_lemire_1 eventually show a different height: around 146m above mean sea level.
It’ll be worth at least a couple of beers next time I see you.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.skp (472.3 KB)

(Edited because @Box says it’s all nice overthere)


Easily explained, we don’t have a mean sea level, everything here is nice.


Clearly the upper equation must be wrong then, it isn’t playing nice.
I’ll see if I can bring its top down to 134m and see what happens. In the images the bridge looks slimmer at the top.
(the bottom curve seems to fit better)

Is the final bridge identical to any of the proposed designs?

A3 is the closest.

Thanks. I cropped out A3 and tweaked it a little.

I’ve done the climb, dragged up there by a visiting tourist. Well worth it but not the sort of thing that it’s cool for a local to do.

But more to the point, I went to school in the shadow of the bridge, in a highrise with no grounds. Certainly no sports field on site, so our jogging track for PE was up the stairs and over the bridge and back. Nothing quite like jogging in clouds of car exhaust.


J’ai bien refait tous les calculs proposés. Après quelques nuits de sommeil en moins je suis arrivée à déterminé avec exactitude la hauteur de cet ouvrage…
Je peux l’affirmer sans crainte, le point culminant est en haut !!! :))


I don’t know if this will work but if it does the three white stripped buildings are my school, and if you can drag the map around you can check the rivets in the bridge.

A few more data:

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Just found this awesome image that might help Tyson?

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Had a quick look and this (Copyrighted) photo looks interesting.

Here is a cross section of the bridge structure and deck.

. . . or how about this?? AMAZING!

there are two rail tracks going down one side of the bridge - the other side is for pedestrians, I assume?