Modeling the Sydney Harbour Bridge

A picture showing the pins that hold the bridge at both ends.

The Sidney bridge design was based on the Newcastle Tyne Bridge which opened in 1928. This is my home town bridge. The SHB is (was?) the widest in the world.

Here’s a good view of what Tyson’s modeling now…(taken from google maps)

It’s interesting to compare this with the construction stage image when the arch worked as two giant cantilevers. I assumed that it would have stayed that way.

You would think that a simplified version of these cross trusses wouldn’t be that difficult, haha, my least favorite part of this model. Good image though, thanks.

@jean_lemire_1 You found some great images, it would have been fun to get into at least some of these details. This pin image is a great reference for size

One more showing the structure under the deck near one end.


Sorry for that one, I forgot to post it.

Thanks Tyson.

If you upload your model in 3D Warehouse, I will try to download it and then add some details.

Although I am a mechanical engineer (retired now) I always enjoy modelling structural stuff from time to time.

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