Modeling the Eiffel Tower Live!

Let’s model another famous structure! The Eiffel Tower! Join us and help me model it live!


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Well, Aaron, you REALLY have your work cut out on this one!!
I found this resource on Wikimedia: - there’s over 50 hi-res plans on there - here are a couple of the “more interesting” ones:

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And, again, I started to look for dimensions and ended up building a skeleton in SKP. It’s here if you want to use it as a “boost” from the beginning!!
Eiffel_Skeleton.skp (226.5 KB)

Hi Aaron
The basic dimensions are 324Meters high and 124Meters at the base.
Hope that helps.

Paul (Taggs Island, Hampton, England)

I love the fractal property of this tower - trusses made out of trusses. Very steampunk!

Top of the tower

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Does this help

Zooming in on this one might help.

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How about this?

A quick model I threw together since the stream started :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some views of this giant conversion from an stl file:

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You know that all these "columns are square, right?

. . . and these you’re doing now have a star shaped center!

does this help - I have lightened it.

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