Model won't save or download correctly


I’m making a model for a school project, it’s ~81 MB. I’m on a Windows, using Sketchup for School on the website version. My PC is not new at all, so maybe that has something to do with it? My model’s saving function won’t move from “saving” to “saved”, even after 5 hours of waiting. It keeps saying “Failed to save file”. I tried purging previously deleted components, but it won’t delete them. The “recycle” symbol spins for a few seconds and then stops (and nothing is deleted). However, I can still edit the model. I also can’t rename it. When I try to download it, it downloads as a 0 MB model (which is incorrect). Is there a way to export it in an editable format and re-open it in a new file? I’m not sure about the differences between the different types of formats you can export it.

I included an image if that helps.

Thank you for your help.