Model not rendering in Layout

Hello, any help will be greatly appreciated : )

Occasionally in Layout I am having a problem with the model not rendering and a warning sign pops up in the bottom corner of the model window.

What am I doing wrong?

layout problem file.layout (259.1 KB)

The yellow triangle normally indicates that the SketchUp model has been changed but the viewport needs to be updated. Tick the box for Auto to the right of the Render button in the SketchUp inspector window. In your screen shot, Auto-render has been turned off so you should be seeing that triangle after an change to the SU file has been made.

thanks Dave but that didn’t help. with the auto box checked it renders as just outlines in hybird mode and completely blank in raster mode…

Quit LayOut and go to SketchUp, then, and in the SketchUp menu (left of File) go to Preferences?OpenGL and untick the box for Use Hardware Acceleration. Quit SketchUp and open LayOut. See if the rendering behavior changes.

I followed the above steps and still the rendering behavior is the same…

thanks so much for you input

It’s rendering fine for me, but I’m on a PC.

I’ve only seen this issue when my GPU wasn’t working with Layout.

In windows you’d go to nVidia/ATI settings and would add Layout to the list of software that would be managed by the GPU instead of the CPU or secondary GPU.

Then you’d restart Layout and it would work.

In a mac, I have no idea where that GPU settings can be found.

Another thing you can try if you don’t find the GPU settings is enabling or disabling hardware acceleration from inside Sketchup preferences (I’m talking about Sketchup, not Layout) and then restarting Layout.

I have disabled hardware acceleration in open gl settings, no change. i suspect i’m having a hardware issue, my screen saver is now not functioning…

So it sounds like this is going beyond a single application. Did you update to El Capitan just recently?

Does Mac have some sort of nvidia/ati preferences where Layout should be listed but it’s not?

i updated to el capitan a few weeks ago… there is definitely something wrong with my OS, the system preferences window keeps crashing

I have never had trouble updating the OS on my MacBook Pro but I’ve been avoiding El Capitan because there seem to be enough people who have had problems. I wonder if you can reinstall the OS now.

@JQL, I haven’t looked for an nVidia control panel on my MacBook but I will when I get home.

No, it does not.

I just reinstalled el capitan, also got the latest sketchup version, layout seems to be working normally as of now.

thanks for you support,


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Glad that worked. It’s good that you’re up to date with SU and LO anyway.

Really? I’m also amazed at this one… But you get some degree of control over what your GPU affects won’t you?

The “error” message showed a 2.7 Ghz processor and 8 Gb of RAM. Barely enough. Shut everything else off.

My problem came back. The linked file is causing sketchup to crash and it is not displaying in layout. Is there something wrong with the file?

any help will be greatly appreciated,


The file as downloaded indicates the style has been changed but not updated, the camera is set up too close to the model. Switch to Perspective to see that.

Just exporting it to LayOut, I wind up with this:

After selecting the scene from the list in the SketchUp inspector window, though, it is possible to get the model show fully.

I got this after resetting the camera and updating the style and scene.

i guess i’m having hardware issues, i restarted and the file is working now. any ideas as to what my issue may be?