Model imported from AutoCAD doesn't create faces properly when draped

My problem is that I imported an AutoCAD file to my SketchUp file to start modeling. First I used the exact lines that were imported to form the faces, having to adjust a lot of them but finally did it. But then, it kept showing the message to fix problems that when fixed, removed part of the faces, and when exported to Lumion, it also did not show those faces even tho I did not click to fix the problems. Then I tried to drape it onto a flat surface and it did not form all of them it doesn’t matter what I do. Any suggestions?

It would help if you share the AutoCAD file and the Sketchup file you are working with. Otherwise all we can do is guess.

praça para 3d.dwg (139.7 KB)
teste 2.skp (2.0 MB)
Sorry in advance for the name of things because they are in portuguese. I attached the CAD file and the version of SU that I draped.

praça reta.skp (3.4 MB)
SKP_PRAÇA RETA.skp (15.7 MB)
Also, these are the models that I used the lines that imported from CAD. One is the model complete and the other is of when you click the fix problems button

Do not work directly in the imported DWG model.
Copy the required geometry separately according to the existing elements (alleys, benches, grass, etc.) and create groups for each one, to which you assign different tags. First in 2D.
You will work neatly and it will be much easier for you to create and modify the objects.

Look at the model attached to the way objects are grouped and structured (as an example).
parc-SU17.skp (4.3 MB)

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Oh thank you so much, it worked perfectly now! I tried to do it fast by making everything on the same model and tags but i just lost time. Again, thank you!

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