Model download sizes are a lie!

Downloaded an “18MB” model from the 3D Warehouse…Ends up being a 55MB model! Can’t upload said model I edited!


Give us a link to the original model in the warehouse.

Oh…I forgot to mention, I’m using Sketchup 2017.

SketchUp versions 2021 and newer have a new model file format that is heavily compressed, typically the files are about half the size they were in older versions. If you download in the Collada format it is even bigger as it is uncompressed text.

Well I had to resort on using the Web version of Sketchup in order to upload it to the 3D Warehouse. Also, I had to use a plugin so I can open it in Sketchup 2017 because 1. I ain’t got the money to afford the newer Sketchup software and 2. Sketchup for Web doesn’t perform well on the web browser compared to using it in a computer along with a few limitations.