Model sizes MUCH larger after download

Why are the download sizes of some models so much larger than what is listed on the download page. Some models I am downloading have come in at 3 and 4 times the size listed. Some 32+mb model download completes at over 100-120mb. Most model downloads are spot on size-wise.

This is with SketchUp 2017 Make and components you’re getting from the 3D Warehouse?

How are you getting them into SketchUp Make?

The SketchUp models/components in the 3D Warehouse are in a newer version of SketchUp that uses a different compression and are smaller than they are in 2017 Make.

If you are downloading the Collada files from the warehouse they will have a different size than the SketchUp file for the same component.

I am downloading SKU20 or 21 files. Never Collada. The download was then loaded into my SKU 21 trial version but the massive increase in size was there before I did any work on it. Once I saved the file as SKU 17 there was no change in file size. It does NOT happen for most models. Even some smaller 2mb files I download show up as 4mb and 5mb after download. Never show this occur with any previous version of SKU, which I’ve been using since SKU11.

Post a link to one such file.

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SketchUp got a new model file format with v.2021(?) that is much more compressed than earlier ones. Typically a current SKP file is half the size of a 2020 file.

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