Missing spell check?

I can’t seem to find a spell check function - is there not one?


No spell check function is available within SU (after all this is not a word processing software), however, it’s easy to resort to one of the numerous spell check apps or online websites. I have bookmarked Dictionary.com and usually have the site open in a browser window while working on a skp or layout file for convenience.

for clarification you can on a mac in both SU and LO…

although I think you can disable it in System Preferences…

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Thanks for the clarification. I was not aware of this and now I wonder why this feature is not available under the Windows OS.

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UNTIL there is a ‘proper’ built-in spell-checker…
On a PC there is always AutoHotKeys - which can work ‘across apps’, and has several add-on options - including spell-checker and auto-correction ones…


@TIG, there is an alternative from AutoHotKeys (autocorrect) for non english speakers?

Not sure, you might have to invent your own ‘word-list’ ?
It really ought to be ‘built-in’… but we wait, and wait…

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isn’t it a system wide utility on a PC?
it is on the mac, i.e. SU hasn’t added it…

similar to the current PDF situation…


Ok see, now you’re just rubbing our noses in it. (for us PC users) :laughing:


at least your materials window works…

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I just had a look and there is a system wide spell checker on windows…

but it needs to be turned on…


Public Property IsSpellCheckEnabled As Boolean

but don’t ask me how…


Newer versions of Windows do have a built-in spell-checker…
But it’s not sooo wonderous…
e.g. If you often type deatil rather than detail there are better tools…

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Spellchecker in layout
All other CAD/drawing software has a spelling checker and corrector. Why does not layout. If you have to type words you need to be able to check spelling and correct.

This is 2018 not 1986 when I started using CAD programs.

Ian Cleland

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Hunspell (C++ library under GPL/LGPL/MPL tri-license)
used by macOS, Libre/OpenOffice, Chrome, InDesign etc.

A Ruby FFI interface to the Hunspell spelling checker