"One-click-check-entire-file" Spell checker (Pleese we weighted long enuff)

I have been using Sketchup and Layout for many years now and for as loooooong as I can think it has been requested by the user community to have a decent Spell-checker function. The introduction of the find-and-replace utility was a good start but not enough for a program that has the single purpose of delivering professionally presented and correct plan documentation. We deserve after all this wait to get a “One-click-check-entire-file” Spell checker… How hard can it be?


I don’t think this feature is something useful for professionals who should have a high level of grammar and spelling knowledge, at least in their native languages. LayOut can be improved in a lot of aspects but this isn’t one of them.
There are tools in the OS that help you to detect spelling mistakes, there’s no need to add another one to the program.

Agree that there are bigger fish to fry with LO, but if this is available in the OS then perhaps it’s not such a large task then to implement. I would love to have a spell check option that I can run through before export - and it would be great if you could build an exception dictionary for abbreviations or common terms specific to one’s industry / use.

I do see complications with AutoText implementation, but IIRC AutoCAD was able to handle spelling correction within blocks.

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