Spell Check Request for Layout

The request is back again… Please …No more grammar school torture! turned client embarrassment. Spell check is like MANA – necessary

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile with that info.

I get an indication of misspelled words in LO 2019.2.

If you need more than that, you could create your text in a word processor and let it do the correcting before you insert it into LO as a .rtf or .txt file. At least this would take care of the problem until auto-correct might be implemented in LO if it ever is.

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There are so many little creature comforts that are standard in the world of apps and programs. We are use to these comforts as being standard so when we come across a situation where they are missing it is really frustrating.
These missing creature comforts is really what sketchup/Layout fails at over any other issue. Especially frustrating when you are up against a client deadline late at night, those missing creature comforts really add up to time wasted and unnecessary frustration.
Having to copy and paste your document in and out of any other programs to do a proper spell check so you don’t look like an idiot in front of a client is super frustrating. It should be standard like everyone else.
Then you think you are done and send it off only to realize you forgot to update the total number of pages because layout does not do that automatically like every other program in existence. Now the last page of my proposal says page 11 of 10. :sob:
On the bright side according to Microsoft word everything is spelled correctly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Spell Check for UPPERCASE would be nice.

In every architecture office I have ever worked at and in my own practice today, we always do all the text in our drawings in UPPERCASE.

Real Time spell check of UPPERCASE would be great, as well as the ability to spell check the entire selection, page and all pages.

MS Word lets you activate/deactivate “Ignore words in UPPERCASE” which is checked by default under File - Options - Proofing

I can’t find an OS level equivalent setting nor do I see anything like within Layout.

Any tips appreciated.


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That’s because we are always yelling at the contractors!


I think uppercase is just a remnant of the lettering stencil days. In texts longer than a word or two, it is also harder to read (it has been scientifically tested). And it is nonstandard. It is one of the windmills I have been fighting against for years without success. D.Trump has helped somewhat.

do yourself a huge favor and use MS Word then cut and pace into layout!

Does Mac do the same IDK? but the text for Windows Layout “Clunky and Frustrating”

you will save yourself whatever hair Layout hasn’t already made you lose.