Spell checker and corrector in Layout


I have read posts from 2015 re spell checker. Not the answer I was looking

It is now 2018 and still no spell checker in layout. Why not? All the main CAD/Drawing programs have spell checker.

For efficiency and saving of time layout needs a spell checker. It tells you you have an spelling error but no correcting. You should not have to somewhere else to find correct spelling

Ian Cleland


While ‘they’ decide whether or not to add a spellchecker / corrector, you could do something yourself…

Get AutoHotKeys, install it and also get/install/configure one of the auto-correct scripts.
When it’s installed it will auto-correct misspellings/typos/shortcut-entries you type in, in ANY application, you can also customize its ‘lists’ by language/locale/personal-preference…


If you’re on Windows 10 - you already have a spell checker I just found out.

I prefer the UK-English version of Windows over my native language (Dutch). I noticed in LayOut my text was auto corrected sometimes (some Dutch words corrected to English) so I was under the impression LayOut now has spell checking in 2018. Turns out it’s a Windows feature.

So; if you’re on Windows 10 and already use your native language as the system language you might be lucky.


No, it still does not work. It does say a word is not correct


If I’m not mistaken the spell checker doesn’t allow you to add missing words to the dictionary from the context menu, which just makes it a nuisance.


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