Can't find NEW spell check feature in Layout

I’m trying to find the spell check feature in layout that is promised in the 2015 release notes for Windows 8 users. Any help is much appreciated.

It is a MS WIndows OS feature.

It works within text edit boxes. If a word is misspelled you should see a red squiggly underline beneath the misspelled word.

It ONLY works while editing text.

You cannot say, run a spell-check upon all the text in a drawing, or all the selected text or leader objects.

I have logged a feature request to implement a custom SketchUp / Layout edition of Hunspell (an open source spellchecker used by many OSes and applications.)

Got it - thank you. A bit limited in scope, but it’s definitely useful. I also had no idea that there was a native spellchecker in Windows. Thanks for the lesson.

Am I being thick, or is there a way to correct the squiggled words whilst text editing? I tend to switch between Mac and PC daily and can’t for the life of me make it work on a PC.

(searched and ended up on this thread BTW)

Just a guess using the most usual implementation, …

Double-click the misspelled word to select it.
Right-Click the highlighted word with the mouse.
Choose the desired spelling from the popup context menu.

(This is how it works within Chrome for example.)

Hi @DanRathbun, I’m using Layout 2018 on a PC and there doesn’t seem to be any drop down list to select alternative/correctly spelled words. Did anyone get back to you re your feature request? Cheers, James

It was said that this is how the spellcheck works within the Chrome Browser (not LayOut specifically.)

In post 2 it was said this is a Windows OS feature, so searching Windows help might be helpful.

referring to

It was suggested (perhaps logged.) This was 4 or 5 years ago. It must be low priority.

The development team does not “get back to us” on requests. They either never get implemented, or do get implemented (in some fashion) but you’ll never know until release time in November. (There are numerous posts here on company policy against revealing future plans.)

BTW, the Release Notes page says only the following under LayOut 2015 …


Spell checking

We added spell checking to our Windows version. This will only work on Windows 8 and 8.1 machines. Mac already has this feature.