Missing lines after importing DWG into SketchUp Pro

Hi, I’m a newbie in this field.
I’ve got a DWG file which represents the 2D plan of a simple room.
I tried to expand this, by drawing the plan of the whole floor, in Autocad 2018.
Then, I used SketchUp Pro 2019 to import the DWG of the floor, but it seems that there are some missing lines.

This is the original 2D drawing of the room:
Disegno_rawLab_wo_Windows_v2_aperto_senza_porta.dwg (48.3 KB)

While this is the 2D-whole-floor DWG drawn by me:
Ground_floor.dwg (64.6 KB):

The image below shows what I see when I import the 2D-whole-floor DWG into SketchUp Pro:
SketchUp ground floor

Some lines are correctly imported, while the red ellipse marks the missing lines:
I can see these lines when work by using Autocad, but (as you can see from the image above) they’re not shown in SketchUp Pro.

Is there anyone who could help me?

There are no edges to import, it’s just a hatch

You can recreate the missing lines in the perimeter of the hatch:

  • Open the file in Autocad
  • Select Hatch
  • Click on Recreate (Top-left Ribbon) > Polyline
  • Associate hatch… > N

Thanks a lot, very useful!

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