Missing imported dwg items

I am on Sketchup Pro 2019, when I import the attached 3d dwg file, it brings in most things but not the floor, walls, ceiling and some of the worktops, any thoughts :slight_smile: Seymour 3D1.dwg (5.5 MB)

You cannot import something that does not exist in the DWG file.

Check your DWG file.

If the walls, floors and other missing items were created using an AutoCad extension like AutoCad Architecture, they must be converted to standard AutoCad 3D objects before they can be imported into any other application. AutoCad Architecture has an “Export to AutoCad” function for this.

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The walls, floor, ceiling and worktops are definitely there as this pic shows, they just don’t show up in SU, that’s why I wondered if I was not doing something correctly.

Thank you for your feedback, I am trying various things, I was just surprised (disappointed) that most things are ok and just not the walls, floor, ceiling and worktops. The program I use is Autokitchen which is a supplied by Microcad, not sure of anything more technical than that.

Autokitchen seems to make its walls etc. as anonymous blocks or proprietary objects that cannot be imported into SketchUp. They wouldn’t import into Rhino either.

Ah, that’s why it’s not showing even though I have all the things ticked, I wondered what the ‘empty’ or ‘missing’ things where. I guess my only option is to finish those things off in SU. Thank you for trying it in a couple of programs for me.