Missing icons

Has anyone else encountered this annoying glitch? May be specific to Macs. It usually happens with the Erase tool but it can happen with others. You select the tool and it is a lottery about whether the relevant icon is shown or just the pointer arrow. The operation still works but the main nuisance is knowing when you have successfully cancelled the tool as there is then no difference between the pointer arrow masquerading as (say) the Eraser tool or the selection arrow.

If you mean the cursor changes, yes.
It started in version 2018 or so.
Sometimes, when Spotify starts a new song, sometimes when hovering over a window of another app.

There is an oddity on Mac where if you accidentally mouse over the Instructor, whatever tool you were using becomes the select cursor, and you need to click back in the model space for the tool to become available again.

What do you mean by the Instructor? If you mean the window that tells you how to use tools, etc, I never have it open.

The problem affects the Tape tool as well. If, as Jack says, it has been happening since 2018, there must be a programming glitch, surely?

I tried demonstrating the problem using a GIF but as soon as you invoke that, the little blighter starts playing nicely again!

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This is an oddity not with Macs, but with the macOS version of SketchUp. It’s an issue that should be fixed by the SketchUp team, not blamed on macOS. Please fix the issue. Thanks.

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I wasn’t blaming macOS, and there is a bug logged in our system about the issue.


It’s probably my imagination, but it seems worse since I upgraded to the latest issue. It happens as often as not with both Tape tool and Erase tool. It’s quite annoying but it is reassuring to know that it is on the radar for fixing.

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