Tooltip problems, etc

This may be just a Mac thing but I’m not sure.

Since the last update, the correct tooltip icons no longer always appear. This seems to affect Erase especially. I almost never see the little eraser symbol any longer, though it does occasionally pop back to say hello. It’s pretty random. Result is, I often erase something by mistake because I just get the default pointer symbol instead of the eraser one.

Another new annoyance is that I sometimes can’t easily back out of a command. I try clicking in blank space, using the spacebar, using the Escape key. All are ignored when this happens (which is often). The only workaround I have is to click on the pointer symbol. That seems to unlock things again.

If it’s just me, I’ll shut up, but if this is common, I think we have the right to ask what on earth is going on. Two steps forward and one step back?

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I’m not experiencing any of the problems you describe Simon.

But I’m on Windows.

There is an annoying thing that could explain both symptoms. The Instructor panel takes control of the cursor if you happen to mouse over it. That will both set the cursor to be an arrow, and it will stop your press of Escape from doing its thing. You may hear a sound when you try pressing Escape.

See if that is the case, and if things are better when the Instructor is collapsed or closed.

Not sure I know what the Instructor panel is. If it is this:

I never have it open.


Yes, it may just be a Mac thing. But it’s infuriating.

As an update to this, I am wondering whether it is related to shortcuts, which I use a lot. When I invoke a command from an icon, I can’t currently reproduce the problem.

But if it is, how would the recent update have affected things (no such problem beforehand) and why only the tooltip icon and not the command itself? Very odd.

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