Missing faces and extra edges

I’m not trying to be funny, but it seems like I’m getting an awful lot of “missing faces” and “extra edges” as an issue with this program. Is this a known situation? It seems especially true when you open a file again after it has been closed. Some faces just seem to go AWOL and you’re left with a hollow box for a wall kind of thing, or the end of the wall is hollow.

Please attach a screen shot or the file itself of your problem.


This can be a lot of things. Please be more precise in describing the issue(s) and at least attach a screenshot (asked already) or better yet, an example file. Maybe it’s “just” a graphic’s driver issue.

Either that or it’s “just” me! It’s intermittent, but I will try to grab a screenshot next time I see it.

See this video about 'Clipping & missing faces" and how to deal with it:


Hi. I’m complying with the request to see an image of the missing faces/extra edges thing. So here I have opened the program to see three hollow walls immediately in view (one is hollow at the end, the other two are hollow face on). These were all normal when I last saved and exited.

If the model file is less than 3mb you could attach it so we can look at it.

Well, the model is a realistic dimensioning of all the spaces in my home, which I’d rather not share online. Not that I’m saying anyone here would do something peculiar with it. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Also, I do recognize that I am a beginner. However. this does seem to be an issue of returning into the program. What I’m not quite getting is why SU would recognize these walls as faced when I leave the program, and yet miss them out when I come back in.

Which is why it’s very hard to see what the problem is without seeing the model.
Can you reproduce the problem in another model, perhaps by copy and paste a section into a new model and attach that.

what do you have set for these preferences:

sounds like you have an ever so slightly out-of-whack surface which needs to be triangulated in order to fall within tolerance… but sketchup is being told to not look for these problems so when you close then reopen, the surfaces won’t form.

(or- it is finding them but you’re answering ‘no’ to the message “Don’t panic- something is wrong with your model – Fix? yes or no”)

extra edges also sounds like it could be a symptom of an out-of-whack surface (one that has been fixed via the preference above)…

(depending on what you mean by ‘extra edges’ though)

but yeah, i’m guessing you’re not quite used to sketchup inferencing yet and/or how to ensure things are being placed where they’re supposed to go… growing pains is all…

my advice would be to pinpoint the areas which aren’t accurate in your current model*… get some advices on how to prevent it… then start your house model from scratch with the new knowledge.

*like-- just copy one face which is disappearing… paste it into a new .skp… then upload that here. people will be able to show you the inaccuracy… even if the face is no longer there and just the border curves are in the upload… it’s still find_out_able.