Extra faces popping in and out in sketchup


So for my model of the terminal at CLE, concourse C is acting funky. Whenever I draw a vertical line from the roof the the floor, it creates a second white face. I tried redoing the entire side of the concourse but this problem persists. I have to continually delete the faces and have to reapply textures whenever I successfully draw a line (sometimes the line does not even become thin showing that it connected for some reason). I strongly doubt it’s due to curved edges. Maybe the file is too large?


This all sounds like your drawing within edit mode.

…and if not that, then maybe you haven’t isolated the existing geometry (via groups or components) from the new stuff your now trying to add in. Perhaps an accidental explode command was done… and that’s why you’re still interacting with raw geometry?

SU by design creates faces once the final edge is drawn into a shape that qualifies as being planar.

‘Perimeter’ edges stay dark… unless the Profile settings are turned off, or reduced in value.


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