Can't create face

Hi. I’m making a “metal screen”. I finished drawing it but I ran into a problem. I hope I can explain it correctly.
The part that I need to have a face (the white color) it’s not creating a face. I draw lines on all the spaces that are supposed to be open (blue color) to create faces in the hopes of finding the mistake but no luck each section has created a face. I checked all the “connections” between the white shapes to make sure that there was no lines “blocking” the continuity of the white space and I couldn’t find anything but still I can’t create a face. Any ideas why? I’m including an image of the whole project and a close up image. Thanks

Are you sure there are no faces or are they reversed only?

Can you upload the sketchup file itself? If it is less than 3MB upload it here - either drag the saved file from Windows Explorer into the forum post window where you type, or use the 7th icon (Upload) above the place where you type and follow the instructions to upload it.

What size are the fine white metal pieces? If they are very small, it’s possible SU can’t create faces from them (it fails, if the edges are too close together, as SU merges vertices that are very close to each other).

IF that might be the case, try scaling everything up by a factor of 100 or 1000.

Thanks! I try that. some of the “gaps” or openings are VERY small. I was trying to make them as inconspicuous as possible. I’ll try making them bigger and see if it works. If not, I’ll upload the file. Thank you for your suggestion.

The only faces I get are the blue ones on the spots where I don’t need them. Now I’m trying something that John suggested on his comment below and see if it works.

I’m pretty new to Sketchup so I don’t have the knowledge to tell you why this works but out of frustration I started re-tracing the diamond shapes and most of them as soon as I draw one line on top of an existing line the path “closes”. I don’t know why it happens but I’m fixing it little by little. Thanks for your help guys.

Here’s a GIF of what’s going on.

Looks to me as if one or both of two things are going on.

1 The original drawing didn’t quite get some edges to join completely

2 Your shapes are too small.

In either case, you will find it easier to work on a larger scale copy.

Make the lattice into a component. Copy it off to one side, and use the Scale tool to enlarge the copy by (say) 100 or 1000 times. Open the copy component for editing, and try again. When done, delete the scaled up copy. All your changes will have been replicated, shrunk, with any very small edges created at the large scale, shrunk to the original size.

Sketch up can’t create very small edges, but it can preserve them if they are created large and shrunk down.

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