Missing components

I am facing a very strange thing today. Some components do not appear in the list in the Component panel. They appear in both the model and the Outline list, but not in the Component list. The same thing happens after I copy them to a blank file.

Any suggestions?

Please upload the file.

Are they nested components? Maybe you need to expand the list.

As @RLGL suggested, share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

No. List is expanded.

As you can see, the components KOMA 5 GRNK-004 and KOMA 5 GRNK-005 are not listed, although they actually exist in the model, as shown by Entity Info.

Griesti.skp (890.0 KB)

Very strange. I’ve never seen that before. How did you go about creating the component? Did it start out as a group? I copied the component definition name, exploded the component and while the geometry was still selected, I created the component again and gave it the same name. SketchUp indicated the component already exists but I went ahead with the replacement.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the seemingly excessive nesting.

This could be the essence of the problem - not showing an existing component.

In my practice, this is also the first time I have encountered something like this. These components are constructed in the same way as similar parts: the required parts of the plane are taken from the outer contours of the structure, the thicknesses are added and the components are created.

By the way, deep nesting is necessary for my work, it is required for the development of further drawings. But there have never been problems even at much deeper levels.

Using the outliner to search, here’s what I found:

But in the components window they are missing:

So indeed both components exist in the model (though -005 is actually named -005#1 as if it was copied and then made unique). I am baffled as to why those don’t show in the components window. As the screenshots show, others at the same nesting depth do show in components.

As I said, I’ve never seen a case where a component that was clearly in model didn’t show up in the In Model components. Easily remedied in this case as I described.

It shows up in Model Info too.

I already pointed out in my first post that the components in the Outliner are visible. #1 was encountered by me trying to find out if renaming a component would change anything.

Yes, the Component panel is the only place that does not display these components.

In this example, of course, it is not difficult to recreate some components. However, I need reassurance that I will not face this problem in the future on a much larger project, where the search for and repair of missing components may take a long time.

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As I’ve told you twice, I’ve never seen this problem in my own models or reported by anyone else. I’ve only been using SketchUp every day for about 18-1/2 years, though. I can’t guarantee you won’t see it happen again but I’d guess it’s pretty unlikely.

From your lips to God’s ears! :grinning:

What’s the * doing in the tagnames?
Do you use copy paste for naming the components?
What language/regional settings do tou have?

I use Latvian. Usually I don’t use Copy / Paste to name components. But sometimes I use part of the names, which I add with the necessary text for a new component. This has never been a problem. Like the use of Latvian special letters (ā č ē ģ ī ķ ļ ņ š ū ž) in component names.

Just looking for a possible explanation, here. Noticed the * in front of a Tagname, that’s why I though about the copy paste, it might not paste all special characters the same.
There are no dictionaries attached to the component at all, and you can’t add them manually, so there’s definitely something gone haywire.

Crash #250762

I use an asterisk or hyphen before Tag names if I want them to appear first in the Tag list. Unfortunately, Tags are still not displayed in the Entity info panel as they are grouped in the Tags panel. I have already said that this is an incomplete grouping mechanism for Tags.

Really. It happened again. I can’t upload the skp file this time because it’s copyrighted.


You should avoid using characters that some applications confuse with operations or folder delimiters etc.
I think that “~” might be the preferred character to make things sort before “a”.

My computer’s language preferences in combination with SketchUp (not with other programs) ~ and _ force the names to go to the end of the list instead of the beginning. I’ll look at which other characters might be right for me.

By the way, exploding and re-creating a component after purging unused components does not help this time either.