Misbehaviour of Sketchup on OSX with multiple desktops


  • Macbook Pro (Retina, 15", mid 2014)
  • Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Graphics card (2880 x 1800)


  • OSX 10.10.4
  • SketchUp 15.3.329 (trial version, latest release when problem encountered)

When SketchUp is opened in one desktop, and (during design) one moves SketchUp to another desktop, then if one selects something, the original desktop (where SketchUp was opened) becomes active … VERRY annoying!

The problem even goes one step further … in OSX, the programs remain in memory even after quitting all instances. (small dot below the icon in the Dock) The desktop SketchUp is INITIALLY opened in is the reference desktop … one needs to really QUIT SketchUp and re-launch SketchUp to re-initialize the ‘desktop’ :frowning:

From what I can see, it’s only the outliner window that causes what you say to happen. You could work around the issue by moving the outliner window to the other monitor too.

I guess OS X thinks of the outliner window as being a document window, and switches to the screen it is on, though you can trick it out when dragging the palette between screens.

There is a much uglier thing that happens: drag your first document window from your external non-Retina primary monitor to your internal secondary Retina screen. Now Command-N to get a new document, and you’ll see it opens on the non-Retina screen, but with Retina workspace. All zooming and drawing is messed up. You can solve that by briefly dragging the window to the Retina screen and then back again. Then it behaves.

I have the same problem on my MacBook Air and on my iMac. It is now May 2016. It drives me crazy. If I want to move or meassure then it switches to another screen. Only way to fix is that I save the document. Close the file, quit SketchUp and open it again. It will then be ok for 30 min or so and then it start again. Ending up quoting SketchUp 10 times a day.