Instability of the SketchUp + desktop screen

After using less than an hour the SketchUp pro 2021 (the same experienced before with SketchUp Web) , every time I move the cursor with my trackpad, the whole file picture of SketchUp starts moving and the same happens to the desktop screen of the computer. I experienced both with Safari and with Firefox when using the web version and with the pro 2021 when using Safari. I hesitated to try in Firefox, as well. Now, I have thrown to the Bin the downloaded software of pro 2021 and I am very sorry as this software seems to answer all my my present needs.

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I am not a Mac user, but the problem might be that MacOS Catalina doesn’t support your Nvidia graphics card (if your profile is correct) properly.


Are you using the desktop version of Sketchup Pro? Presumably you downloaded the free trial and are using it? That has nothing to do with any web browser. How did you install the desktop application, did you drag the disk image into the applications folder? Or just double click the disk image. Macs can but rarely do have graphics driver issues.

My guess is this sounds like a multi finger gesture issue coming from the mac trackpad interface, if this is happening across multiple applications like web browsers and you are seeing the whole screen move including the menu bars across the top. Go to: Apple Menu>System Preferences>Trackpad>More Gestures to see what is turned on. Could be you are simply accidentally two finger moving and inadvertently switching spaces, pinching to show desktop, or invoking mission control.

Thank you for your detailed answer.

  1. First, I used the free web version.
    I was not happy with the easiness to find what I was looking for.
  2. Therefore I moved to pro 30 days free trial.
    I dragged the image to the Application folder.
  3. I will download again the software and I will pay attention to your advice for the Trackpad preferences.

Thank you, again.

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I followed your advice and it seems it works.
I already did a lot and did not present any previous miss operation.

The new difficulty I have, is that after creating Tags or work with the Outliner, the shortcuts seem not to respond.
At a point the start responding again but after working, again with defining a Tag, they stoped responding.

Any idea how to recover this operation after experiencing such a problem ?

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Click back on the modeling window after typing the tag name.

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To elaborate on what @monospaced advised. Your shortcuts are most likely failing because the text input field of the tags window or outliner still has the focus. So keyboard keys are being interpreted as text input. Click the mouse once back in the modeling space before resuming modeling operations.

Another practice to check before more confusion starts… you area only applying tags to either groups or components as SketchUp is designed work, not to raw loose geometry which will lead to broken models.

It did work.


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Thank you for the additional remarks.

I am impressed from the speed and of these helpful reactions.

Already, I feel much more trustful to this software.


This is a known bug, and hopefully it is fixed someday. I’m not holding my breath.

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