Migration Tool?

My office just pushed the Pro 2017 update to my workstation and now I am faced with having to waste a day reconfiguring it to match all my customized settings for 2016. Or just ignore it and keep using 2016 for as long as I can.

Can we PLEASE get a migration tool to do this automatically? It’s ridiculous that SKP doesn’t have an easy way to migrate workspace settings and preferences.

If you set things up for an easy transition, it really doesn’t have to be a log, drawn-out process to migrate to a new version. It takes just a few simple steps. I wrote them out before and I’ll try to find the link to it.

Personally I like the process because it gives me a chance to do some house cleaning.

Here’s the link: Migrating to SketchUp 2017


There is this, which works for some things but doesn’t really help me:

But really, for a serious, professional software application this should be automated. It’s silly and amateurish that it has to be done by hand.