Migrating from sketchup to layout

New to this. I drew my designs in Sketchup and migrated/took the finished model over to Layout. I have completed all the lettering, scale bar, dimensions etc ready for printing. All good so far. However, I have realised that I have a change to make on the Sketchup version. Does this mean I have to delete all the work finished in Layout and migrate the new changed version from Sketchup into Layout and re-letter and dimension etc everything again? Or is there an easier way?

It depends upon exactly what changes you need to make. Most likely you can go back to the SketchUp model, make your edits, and save the changes. Then in the LayOut file update the model reference either in Document Setup>References or by right clicking on a viewport and choosing Upate Model Reference or the Update button in the SketchUp Model window.

You might need to delete or replace some dimensions or other text if you remove or replace some objects in your model but you should not have to redo the entire document.

Thanks DaveR, I have followed your instructions Document setup>References. I tapped on the link at the top of list, todays date, and hit update. The purge button highlights, but no change? Do you know why this might be?
Thank you

It’s hard to tell what is going on without seeing your SketchUp and LayOut files. Share them so I can take a look and help you.

What changes did you make to the SketchUp model?

If there’s no unused references, purge won’t have anything to do.

How do I share a picture with you? Tech is not my thing.

I’m not asking for a picture. I’m asking for the SketchUp and LayOut files. If they aren’t too large to upload here, drag and drop the .skp and .layout files into a reply to this thread. Otherwise upload them to DropBox, We Transfer, or Google Drive and share the links.