Sketchup LO - File is getting bigger and bigger - old refercenes can not be purged

Dear all, I have been working with Sketchup and Layout now for a long time. I am familiar with purging my Sketchup Files. Unfortunately I dont know how to do it in Layout. The file is getting bigger and bigger and the old refrences are mounting. They have been deleted long time ago but still show up refrenced.

Hope to find help here. Thanks, Alex

Go through the Layout document page by page and toggle everything visible in Outliner and Tags/Layers. Then delete all the unwanted stuff that shows up. Then purge References. If you have a referenced file that has not been deleted, but is just not visible, it will not be purged.

Might be as simple as going to File>Document Setup> References and clicking Purge.

If that doesn’t work, share the file so we can see what you have.

By the way, your profile says you are using SketchUp Make. Please correct it.