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Finally getting my layout document for my plans ready but, im only nine pages into it and its already 800MB … Is it normal for files to be that big?

Not common. Can you show us a screen shot of the References window from Document Setup?

How big is the SketchUp file? Have you purged it of unused stuff?

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I have a lot of old references on each page.
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and there are more if I scroll down… How do I get rid of them?

You can purge unused references in the References window. You should also purge the SketchUp file(s) of unused stuff in Window>Model Info>Statistics.

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ok… but when I select the reference and hit purge… nothing seems to happen… its still there… is that how its supposed to be?

If hitting Purge doesn’t make it go away, it’s still be used somewhere in the document. You’d need to find it and delete it from the page before you can purge the reference.

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I have no idea. I thought a new reference appeared whenever I inserted the drawingagain and, a newer version. Its happened many times because for some reason it wouldnt update. Theres is probably something im missing in the way you are supposed to do this. Am i not supposed to insert the model on every page?.. sorry… im just still paying for diving into this with not enough time to actually learn how to use the program…

You shouldn’t have more than one reference to a single SketchUp file. If you do, you’re doing it wrong. This would also go a long way to explaining the huge file size. There’d be a copy of the SKP file in the LO file for each reference in the list.

The proper steps for creating the viewports from the model would be to insert the first viewport from the SKP file and set it to the desired scene. Copy that viewport to make other viewports on the page or copy and paste to put viewports on other pages in the document. Select the desired scene for each viewport from the SketchUp Model window… Doing it this way leaves you with a single SketchUp file reference for the model.


ok… yes… I was just thinking that…Is it too late to change it?.. anyway… Thank YOu so much…

Maybe it would be useful to chat about using SketchUp and LayOut some time.

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Well, it’s not too later but it would be a pain. You would need to remove all but one of the viewports and replace them with copies of the one remaining viewport. At some point after you delete those viewports, you can purge the unused references and get that file size down where it is manageable.

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Definetly… I would really appreciate it. I just bought sketchup in order to start on this project and have had to figureit out as I go along. I watched the tutorial videos and bougt aookby Matt Donley…

I have to get a physiological monitor ready for someone and work on an anesthesia machine now. I’ll send you a PM later.

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great… thanks…

Hi dmey,

If this isnt the book you have already bought I would highly recommend this one:

I am experimenting with a modified version of the workflow outlined in this book for my architectural work.
I like to produce very detailed models & drawings using Sketchup & Layout and so far I am really happy with how they are turning out so far, not perfect but coming along nicely.

Here is an example of a couple of sections for a simple extension:

The image is a little bit blurry and it prints better than it looks on screen but you get the idea.

It does take a little bit of time to learn the tricks needed to produce drawings quickly, particularly around the relationship between Sketchup scenes, layout viewport settings & line weights, but once you figure it out it is a nice way to work.

I would also highly recommend creating different referenced sketchup models & layout files for the different drawing types, ie, plans, elevations, sections etc. This helps to keep both file types under control and can be streamlined through the use of template systems. The book I linked above covers this idea well.

With future updates sketchup / layout will be awesome for architectural documentation. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long!

Good luck with your project.

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