Open Layout file that has exceeded 2GB

Is there any way to open or recover a Layout file that has exceeded 2GB?
Only appears for me the error message.
My file is now 2.158.606kb
Or a way to reduce the size so you can open and separate the pages?

Can you upload all the associated files somewhere and share the link.

We’ll see what we can see in your file once it is downloaded. At that file size it’s clear it has escaped your control.

I’m not even going to try to open this file. Looking at the references it’s clear you have a lot of huge SketchUp model files in it.

Many of them a seem to have the same name which implies to me that you’ve been copying and pasting from SketchUp into LayOut which is bad. Each time you do that you create a new reference file which leads to the bloat. I also expect that most, if not all of your SketchUp models could stand some serious cleaning. I’m sure they have a lot of unused components and materials in them. I opened the smallest of those .skp files to have a look. Fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 1_25_2024 , 1_28_10 PM
And purged the unused stuff being hoarded in the file.
Screenshot - 1_25_2024 , 1_28_29 PM

That reduced the file size by over 88%. I would anticipate the same results with the other .skp files in your model. My suggestion is to first clean up the SketchUp models to make them more manageable. Then create a new LayOut file. Make sure you are adding your references correctly. Don’t copy and paste between SketchUp and LayOut. Once you have inserted a model file, you can make copies of the viewports and change the associated scene but never insert the same model into a LayOut project more than once.

I understand, but this Layout file itself, I can’t open it anymore, just redoing it?
I had already generated the final plant file, but made a small edit of the desired information.

FWIW, I looked at another one of your .skp files.

Incorrect tag usage fixed.
Screenshot - 1_25_2024 , 2_27_02 PM
Purged unused stuff
Screenshot - 1_25_2024 , 2_27_27 PM
File size reduced by over 90% from 202 Mb to 18.8 Mb.