Error Reading Layout File - Tried Re-Zipping Already

I have a file that I have been working on for sometime that I can’t open today. I have tried to unzip and rezip the file and that didn’t work, however I may not have done it correctly. Are there other solutions to this problem, same old story, a lot of work I really don’t want to lose!

thank you

Maybe. Did you try opening the backup version?

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got.

thanks! can you remind me how I share it again

Guessing it’s larger than 16 Mb so upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Here it is (I hope):

There’s a .skp file that shows a file size of 0 Kb. Can you share the original .skp file? Maybe I can fix it.

I thought I had shared the original, hang on

You shared the LayOut file but I need the SketchUp file.

should be there now

I’ll look. Hang tight.

By the way, there’s another .skp file in this LayOut file. I had a look at it. I see incorrect tag usage. Untagged should always be left active.

ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Not doing so just makes your work more difficult and opens you up to errors that you don’t need to have.
Screenshot - 6_12_2023 , 8_18_17 AM

There’s also no reason to be hoarding all kinds of unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 6_12_2023 , 8_19_26 AM

Cleaning up the model reduced the file size by about 72%.

I downloaded the file. You shared the backup .skb not the .skp so it may not be the most up to date but we’ll see what we see.

thanks and great tips.

Not sure if I understand the edges and faces should remain untagged comment. Are you saying if you create a simple group/component with only edges and faces in it that that group/component is the only thing that gets tagged not the edges and faces within it?

ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only the groups or components containing the geometry need to be tagged. When you start tagging geometry you open yourself up to errors when things get tagged incorrectly. If you follow the “rule” there’s no need to chase tags as you work through the model. When you edit a group or component there’s no need to even care what tag is on the group or component.

Same sorts of issues with the Van Shoebox SketchUp file.

Screenshot - 6_12_2023 , 8_29_45 AM
Screenshot - 6_12_2023 , 8_31_07 AM

73% file size reduction.

Next step will be to try replacing the 0 kb file and see if LO will open. Keep your fingers crossed.

toes are too!

I’m afraid that wasn’t a successful fix this time. Some times it works. It might be that @colin can take a look and have more success. I would at least recommend cleaning up your SketchUp files, though.

The first file I worked on appears very similar to the Van Shoebox file. Did you replace one with the other or is there really supposed to be two different SketchUp references in the LO project.

By the way, did you try to open the backup copy of the LO file?

thank you so much for trying, back up was the same problem

really appreciate all the help and your efforts, this forum is amazing

Sorry I didn’t have any success but we’ll both keep digits crossed in hopes Colin or someone from the team can do something.

I’m curious about a couple of things. Are you saving and working on the file from a local (internal drive) location or a network or cloud location?

I saw one of the image files seems problematic. It won’t show a thumbnail while the others do. It looks like you are copying and pasting some images from somewhere (web?). This isn’t a great practice as it can cause reference issues.

Do make sure you clean up your SketchUp files. That will go a long way to making your whole job easier.

Thanks, I am copying and pasting a lot images from the web of appliances etc. that I want to show so the contractors know what I am using. Not sure how else to do that, maybe I need to download them first to a folder, rename them and upload to the layout file. I will also have to learn how to clean up the files, I am guessing there are some purge functions in there. Thanks again!

This is a better option because then you keep a reference copy in folder on your computer. Basically a back up copy of the image in case something goes south later. Also, if you use it on more than one project you don’t have to go hunting for it again.

Thanks again!

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