Error reading layout file..sketchup layout 2019


The file cannot be opened
If I make it as a zip file, it’s empty
Please help thank you T^T

It’s 2gb !

I found that if I right click on the Layout file I can open it directly via 7-Zip as an archive and view it’s contents rather than rename the file extension to zip. When I renamed it to a zip file, windows reported that it was an invalid file.

I don’t have the time to review what could be wrong…

How many pages is it? :flushed:
I’m not experienced with LO but translating my knowledge over from SU, LO would probably be unable to handle the file.

So LO files are actually a kind of zip file.

If I’m reading the archive contents correctly then there are 52 pages ?

And the ref folder is actually nearly 4.5gb !?

@ssakoworld I would (in future, or even now if you can open the file) suggest that you create new LO files after hitting, say 10 pages.

yes! 52page…

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Your profile says 2019 Make which is impossible.

my sketchup ver is 2019!

So 2019 Pro. Please correct your profile.

From looking at the Reference folder in your LayOut file it appears that you have multiple references to the same SketchUp model files. That’s not a good thing and is most likely the source of your problems. I managed to open a couple of those SketchUp files that appears a number of times. Multiple references to the same SketchUp files and no scenes in those files implies you are using LayOut incorrectly. There should only be one instance of a given SketchUp model file in the LayOut file and you should be using scenes from that SketchUp file for the viewports in the LayOut document.

Are you copying from SketchUp and pasting in LayOut?

Unfortunately from what I can see, your LayOut file needs to be redone using the correct workflow. I don’t think there’s a good way to recover this file and make it work correctly.

As I pick through a few of the SketchUp files I see incorrect tag/layer usage and in some cases the files could stand to be purged of unused stuff. From one of those files I purged this:
Screenshot - 5_16_2021 , 9_23_40 PM
That resulted in nearly a 40% file size reduction.

Cleaning up your SketchUp models, creating scenes for the different views you need of the model, and using LayOut correctly–not duplicating references–will go a long way to keeping the file size in check and your LayOut files from becoming unusable.