Error loading layout file

i have created a layout file and linked few models to it and it is unable to open the layout file please help

Try uploading it here.

its a heavy file, around 2GB


No wonder it can’t be opened.

nothing i can do?

could you please help, its quite important. please?

Well, you say you linked some models to it. Do you mean Sketchup files? If so, how big is each of them?

i did link 3 sketchup files and each of them was upto 350mb

You know that line in Jaws “We’re going to need a bigger boat…”? Maybe if you had access to a quantum computer.

How are you managing to get such bloated files? Now you’re not downloading loads of things from the Component Warehouse are you? Or trying to model an actual Death Star?

i use it for construction drawings, helps me use this to explain details better. So theres no way i can get this solved?

I don’t know how you can retrieve your file without being able to open it. It may be possible to open it if you had enough grunt. But you may be in the equivalent of the Indianapolis 500 in a Model T (your profile doesn’t tell us how many horsepowers you have).

Alternatively, you may just have to start a new Layout file and recombine the Sketchup files. But before you even attempt to do that, you need to understand why you are ending up with such humungous files.

BTW, I work in construction design too and I doubt I ever have a file bigger than about 20Mb. Now if you were working for Zaha Hadid…

Your profile says you are using Windows 7. Your 2Gb file is surely a problem for it and as Simon has indicated, problematic. Even if you did get it open, it would be extremely difficult to work with. I expect you would be time ahead to do as he says and start a new LO file

I would bet my lunch money that your SketchUp model files can be pared down perhaps substantially by purging unused stuff from them. Don’t start the new LO file until you’ve cleaned up your SketchUp files.

One thing you can try is to open the linked SketchUp files, purge them and save.

oh okay thank you.

will try doing that, thank you!