Erro arquivo layout

I went to save a layout file and my computer crashed, closing my file. After that the file no longer opens, please help me recover it.

[Proj_JR.layout - Google Drive]

It won’t open for me. Maybe @colin will have better luck. I had a look at the contents of the file. Two of the three SketchUp references are huge. One is very huge–close to 500 Mb. I opened that and did my usual cleaning to see what could be done starting with fixing incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_31_2024 , 8_04_27 PM
Then I purged unused stuff. You are hoarding a lot of unused stuff in your model. You should get in the habit of cleaning your models as you go.
Screenshot - 3_31_2024 , 8_07_12 PM
I also checked the sie of the materials in the model. There are some ridiculously large texture images that probably came with entourage from the 3D Warehouse. No need for a leaf texture to be 4108 px by 9901 px unless your entire model is about that leaf.

This cleanup reduced the file size by almost 70% That would go a long way to making both the SketchUp file and LayOut file more manageable.

Same type of cleanup on the other two files. The middle sized one also has a ton of unused content.
Screenshot - 3_31_2024 , 8_32_25 PM
That reduced the file size by 88%. Even the smallest of them was reduced by 85%.

Whether or not your LayOut file can be recovered, I would suggest cleaning up your SketchUp files.

Hi @DaveR

This file came ready from another architect for me to detail, I tried to organize it, but I couldn’t clean much of the file, as it crashes when I purge it.

When I do modeling I take care with cleanliness and organization.

If you could provide me with the file you cleaned, that would help me, as I may have to redo the work.


Here you go.

FWIW, I charge triple if clients send me files that require that kind of cleanup. :wink:

Thank you very much!

And thanks for the tip.