Remove an unneeded reference file

At on time I had two SU models referenced into one Layout file. No I need to remove one of the SU models. I tried “purge” but the file was not removed. I tried “unlink” and not the unwanted file is “embedded” and I can’t remove. What am I missing and how do I removed the old SU file?

Is there any viewport from the SU file still being used anywhere in the LO document? Check all layers. If so, delete it and then try purging it.

Yes. Thank you. There was one viewport on the last page that was still linked to the unwanted model. So simple.

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This did not work for me in layout 2016. I copied and renamed a layout to use as another layout drawing. I could not purge the old link. In the end I had to physically delete the view on my layout page after which, the link still appeared in the document reference but now it responded to a purge. I had no other views of this open in the layout drawing I was working on.

Purging references only works if the reference isn’t being used anywhere in the document.

Hmm! interesting. I am interested in your use of the word "used"I only had
the one view set up on one page. So there were no other views being used on
this particular layout. If I clicked on the reference path prior to trying
to purge it, the view frame appeared in the layout. could this have
anything to do with it?

Anything in the document that is linked to that reference means the reference is being used. Even if it is only one viewport. And even if the viewport didn’t show the model because you had moved the camera or the model or the borders of the viewport so the model is out of view, that viewport is still tied to the SKP file.

I wonder why that is a surprise to you?

And inversely - every viewport in your LayOut document is linked to a model, whether it displays anything or not.


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I understand that the view port is linked to the .skp file and the
implications. What I do not get is, if nothing obvious is using the .skp
file in my single view layout then does this mean that if I place a label
created on the layout drawing which is attached to a point on the view port
drawing (.skp) but not part of the original .skp file, then it is
effectively linked to the .skp file?

If the label is using auto text derived from the SKP file, it could indeed mean the SKP file is still linked. Is it possible you just have an empty viewport?

OK Dave, Just so there is no confusion,I create a brand new empty layout
file. I then insert a sketch up file and it appears in the view
frame. There is nothing else on the layout page at this point. I check the
document file references, and see that apart from the standard .png logo I
use for every template, the only thing loaded is the inserted .skp file.
Any attempt to purge it is not successful the drawing reference stays. What
do you think of this?

I think somehow along the way in this thread you’ve missed the point that as long as there is even just one viewport from that SketchUp file in the document, you cannot purge the reference. If you delete all of the viewports from the pages in the document, you will be able to purge the reference SKP file in Document Setup.

Try this

  • Insert the SketchUp file into a new LO project.
  • Go to Window>Document Setup>Referneces and try to purge the file. It won’t purge.
  • Select and delete the viewport from the SketchUp file.
  • Return to References and purge the selected SU file. Away it goes.

Excellent thanks Dave. The problem was I understood that purging the
reference would also delete the existing viewport but as you have now
explained,it only works the other way round ( purge the reference only
after the view has been deleted). I guess it was a case of a preconception
on my part about what role the viewport played. Once again thanks!

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Glad you got it sorted.

FWIW, this behavior is exactly the same as Purge Unused in SketchUp. For example, as long as there is at least one instance of a component somewhere in the model space even if it is hidden or on a layer that isn’t being shown, you can’t purge the component from the In Model library.

Perhaps it would be good to change the label on the References Purge button to Purge Unused but it would screw up the layout because the button would be larger.

By the way, it would be a good idea if you would complete your profile with SketchUp version, OS version and GPU.