Changes to already produced file

Hi there,

I have just started at a company that uses Sketchup, unfortunately there is no one to train me as the person has left the company that knew what they were doing. I have now been asked to make changes to a layout as the customer wants this. I am stuck and going in circles using Youtube!

When i click on the file it opens up in Layout, i have been asked to change wall sizes (17’ to 18’) (when i use the measure and try and enter the measurement it does nothing). Also been asked to move a small section of a wall 3’ back. Finally asked to input lines every 3" apart to signify stalls.

Any helpul advice or links would be greatly appreciated!!


I would guess that the Layout file is referencing a Sketchup Model, so this would be the first thing to check.

If this is the case, then the model won’t be able to be modified with Layout, and it will need to be opened in Sketchup to make the changes. Once the Sketchup Model is modified, the Layout file should update automatically the next time it is opened.

If the above is the case, and the Layout file is referencing a Sketchup model, do you have access to the Sketchup Model?


all i have access to is that file and when i open another file in sketchup it is not what is saved in the layout file. can i export it back and make my changes?

It’s a little bit difficult to help as I can’t see what you can see.

Do you have the Sketchup file with the model in?

Just thinking actually, in Layout, if you click on File and then Dcoument Setup, one of the side bar options, called “References” which will show you the files that Layout is using. Hopefully, in there, there should be a reference to a Sketchup Model. It will show the name of the model and it’s location.


If you would share the LayOut file, we’d be able to help you much more easily. There’s too much we don’t know at this point and, as you’re new to SketchUp and LayOut, it’s difficult to give you exact directions. If you can’t share the file publicly, send it in a PM or, if it’s too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

I’d have a word with your boss. You have really been thrown in the deep end without floats. If they took you on knowing that you had never used the software and now expect you to do so without training, they are cruisin’ for a bruisin’. Maybe you should suggest that they use the Collaboration section of the forum here and get someone who is expert to do what they need (and pay them for it)? Then send you on a course so you can do it next time.

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