Microsoft Surface Pro X & SU Pro 2019

Hello, I am considering purchasing a new Microsoft Surface Pro X, 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD and want to confirm that 2019 SU Pro will work seamlessly on the laptop. Please let me know what (if any) if specific technical components should be specified. Thanks

What graphics card is in the Surface Pro X?

Microsoft SQ1 Adreno 685 GPU

Not familiar with that one but a short search turns up a website that includes this information:

Considering that SketchUp requires a GPU that properly supports OpenGL, I would personally take a pass on this.



The table in the Wikipedia article indicates that there may be a OpenGL driver project “In Progress” …

It’s listed as “freedreno driver” which is an open source project …

… so unless you want to compile code and install yourself (possibly causing issues,) you’d need to get a higher end Surface product with a dedicated GPU. Ie :

  • Surface Studio 2 (w/ Nvidia GTX graphics)

  • Surface Book 2 (w/ iCore i7 & Nvidia GTX graphics)
    (ie, the i5 models have poo-poo Intel integrated graphics)

  • Surface Laptop 3 (w/ AMD Ryzen GPU using Vega graphics)


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